Yoshi is the coolest one of the group. He’s only 6 weeks younger than Legolas and they arrived with the same amount of time in between one another. This 6 pound bundle of fluff isn’t your ordinary yapping little bag pooch. Yoshi never makes a sound and he’d rather stay at home than be carried around in a bag! Yoshi is very cat-like, a trait most Japanese Chin‘s have. He licks his paws and cleans himself with them, and he likes to sleep on the headrest. And he purrs!


As a puppy he was very peculiar. He’d wander off and keep to himself, playing with a toy or napping in another room. It’s not that he doesn’t like us, he just enjoys being alone and doing his own thing. We noticed early on that he’s an independent guy, cool as a breeze and very comfortable in his own skin. He fends off any special treatment people might try to give him because of his size, he wants nothing more than to be one of the “big guys” in the pack. Legolas has always been his self acclaimed protector, but honestly, Yoshi could care less. He didn’t think he needed it. At least until Alfie showed up! There was a period when Alfie would pick up Yoshi by the tail and simply walk away with him dangling in the air! He was the first dog not to show Yoshi the respect he deserves, but luckily that period is over with… He has a thing for Adela and he likes to tease poor brother Evian and myself. But his newest and most challenging playmate ever is most definitely Ms Daysee Mae! Every morning they wrestle each other, it’s quite a sight. It’s nice how we all get along :)

Yoshi Mason Sidney, a catty little dog :)

Yoshi because he’s Japanese, of course. Mason Sidney because they’re nice names!


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