Scooby wasn’t planned, he was ment to be. Mom and dad came across him and Daysee Mae on their vacation in Spain. They had been tied to the gate of a donkey sanctuary that my folks visited on a regular basis, but they were not able to keep them. They thought the only solution was to take them to the local pound where dogs are gassed to death. Mom and dad couldn’t let that happen so they decided to adopt them. There was just no way they could let these two dogs get killed! On the last day of their vacation they met up with Julie, a friend who runs a shelter for abandoned dogs in a town near by ( She came to pick up the dogs and it was the last time mom and dad saw them for 3 months. During that time they got ready to travel, having their shots and blood tests done, and passports made. On October 29 they arrived in Sweden along with the 3 foster dogs, Laika, Newton and Gigi.


Scooby is a mellow guy. He’s calm and quiet but he can also be playful and naughty! At home he likes to curl up in one of our beds and take a nice long nap, or you’ll find him playing around with Daysee Mae. Outside he will be looking for hares to hopefully chase (good luck, buddy) or he’ll be sniffing the ground for interesting information. He’s sensitive to his nature and quite aloof with dogs and strangers. Nowadays he’ll go up to people to sniff them, but before he’d show absolutely no interest in anybody but our folks. He doesn’t care about other dogs, and when he’s approached by one his response is to ignore. It’s actually pretty nice that he doesn’t have the need to assert himself, and since it’s not on an anti-social level, we just let him be. It takes some time to win his heart, but once you do – and you do – he’s such a sweet and gentle dude! Scooby’s a good watch dog, too! When we’re at the house he’s always by Alfie’s side when they see something suspicious, using that baying bark of his. Daysee Mae is without a doubt his best friend. They’re like Evian and Adela, attached by the hip. They are extremely different, and Scooby has to put up with a lot, but you can tell he gladly does. They climb all over each other, and it’s not unusual to see them tangled up with legs poking out all over the place! They’re an airtight combo but that doesn’t mean they only stick to each other. Scooby and Lego adore each other and Scooby enjoys the soothing aura of the pugs. I like smelling him and he doesn’t seem to mind… Scooby’s a good guy. He’s the kind of dog that many people wish they had, and a brother I know tons would love, just like I do :)

Lotus Scooby Doo, our little flower.

Lotus for his calm and gentle self, and Scooby Doo ’cause dad thought it fit!


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