Mafaldah came to us on January 23rd as a foster dog, along with 4 others. I must admit she was handpicked, and even worse, it was for her looks… Usually the foster candidates are individuals who struggle at the shelter, either it’s from being bullied by the other dogs, or having a hard time finding a good owner. We don’t have any preferences at all, other than it should be someone who really needs our help. Well, that time mom & dad bended the rules a little… One day mom saw a picture of Mafaldah and wrote Julie at the shelter right away, saying I WANT THAT DOG!


Despite of what you might think, they hadn’t decided to adopt her. They told themselves she’s a really cool looking foster, with emphasis on foster. Once in a while they come across a dog who makes their hearts skip an extra beat, and even if we can’t keep it, it makes us feel a lot better to at least have helped it on its way. I guess that’s what they thought when they asked (well, more like demanded…) to get Zoe, as she was called back then. But, as we all know, life can take the most surprising turns when you least expect it. This, however, wasn’t one of them! I think mom & dad were the only ones who didn’t know she’d stay for good, at least they claim to be…


Only days before the trip from Spain, Mafaldah tested positive for the tropical disease leishmaniasis. They were then faced with two options; either leave her behind and hope that someone else wants a sick dog (slim chance), or take her anyway and increase her chances for adoption just a little. They didn’t do much thinking, my dear folks. They tend not to, when it comes to dogs. They go by instinct, which has actually worked out pretty well so far :).

Not many minutes went by before dad fell in love with Mafaldah. She wrapped him up so tight around her chubby little “finger” that he couldn’t let go even if he tried, the poor bastard. He simply couldn’t resist her log-like shape and unruly stubbornness. See, unlike Daysee Mae, Mafah’s not a bitch, she’s butch. Few people think of her as a female, and maybe that’s cuz she doesn’t give them reason to! She’s a tomboy in every sense of the word – a quirky, hardheaded, straightforward tomboy.


Among the females in the pack, Mafah has a middle-position. She’s dominated by Daysee but easily takes out Adela if necessary. Adela will fight but lose. Alfie is her best pal, but she also has a strong bond with the other two Spaniards, Scooby and Daysee. She’s daddy’s little girl and momma’s toughest challenge. Mafah and I haven’t sorted out our business yet. The thing is I need to get some stuff out, like telling her she’s not the boss of me and I won’t be fooled by those sagging hound-eyes of hers… The only problem is she’s got the best bodyguard there is – Alfie. If I cross a line he’ll be there to protect her, and I’m too old to take any chances. Meanwhile she teases me, and I’m not sure if she wants to play or play tricks on me! Damn her for tryin’! Did I mention I’m too old for this?

Zoe Carmela Mafaldah, our very own hot dog on legs :)

Zoe was already her name, Carmela is after the wayward wife of Tony Soprano, and Mafaldah for resembling:



2 thoughts on “Mafaldah

  1. O Mafaldah – you certainly are a strange looking thing, but sooo cute because of it :) I think our humans would struggle to resit you too!

    O and you certainly picked a good best friend to have! :P

    Lots of slobbers,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. Yep, she’s one of a kind alright! Who new a basset/pitbull mix would come out so cool? At least Alfie thinks so… Can you imagine what their puppies would look like?! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

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