Legolas is the first dog that my parents got together, and it’s a pretty funny story.

My folks were only 2 months into their relationship when mom had to go to Spain. A day before her trip, mom and dad took Adela to where she was staying while mom was gone, and that woman have two Staffordshire bullterriers. Dad has had one before, so he was very happy to see them. He had already told mom all the great things about the breed, but mom wasn’t convinced. She said that if they were to get a staffy, it had to be blue, because she’d always wanted a blue dog. However, it was clearly just a way for her to get out of the whole situation, mainly because there were hardly any blue staffies in Sweden at all! Therefore it was quite the shocker to hear the woman say that her friend’s dog was expecting blue staffy puppies! I mean, what are the odds?! Anyway, the months went by and they heard nothing about the puppies. Also, mom made sure not to ask… So imagine her surprise when dad found them in an ad online! By then even mom couldn’t resist it, it had to be destiny! They called the number, and shortly after they went to see the puppies. There was only one male left (they wanted a male), but the puppy was behaving strangely. He wasn’t curious, nor playful. He just sat there and seemed very…sad. Of course, it didn’t matter, my folks were already sold. However, when they learned about the price, they turned it down! He was very expensive, and it was obvious that the so-called “breeder” was only milking the fact that he was blue. Nope, they weren’t having it, so they left and went home. Well, mom didn’t sleep at all that night. She felt they had made a terrible mistake and was desperate to undo what they had done. She called the breeder the next morning but she said he was already taken! Mom was devastated and didn’t know what to do; how can he be taken when he was their destiny? Luckily, the breeder called them back and offered them the puppy anyway. Today we doubt that there even was another buyer… Anyway, they picked him up and named him Legolas, after the character in Lord of the Rings, who has the same “chilly” look as our Lego.

Legolas was a special puppy, indeed. He was terrible. He was scared, insecure and weak, and realized early on what power he possesses. He’d lash out out of nowhere, and his target was more often that not his big brother Evian. At 4 months old he made momma cry when he attacked Ev in the forest. Today it’s safe to say she would’ve handled the matter very differently, but back then it came as a shock to her that such a young puppy could do such a thing to another dog. She called dad and questioned their choice of puppy, but fortunately he calmed her down.

However, the worst was still to come. As Lego grew older he started having problems with me. I wouldn’t have it, so it usually resulted in a fight. I was in my prime back then, but I didn’t stand a chance against my staffy brother… One time I remember quite vividly, is when I made a huge mistake in misjudging my own rights. I took on the role of policeman when momma was out walking 5 of us (Alfie was at home) and I wanted to correct Lego for something I had no right to. I kept going at him, lunging at his face, until the point where mom was all wrapped up like a mummy in leashes! Then something clicked in Lego’s eyes. He was gone, lost to his own instinct to kill. He threw himself at me at shook me like a glove. He threw me in the air from one side to another, and I was much heavier than him! It’s hard to imagine what it looked like, but it was like he had supernatural powers to lift me up and shake me around like that! Mom did everything she could to stop him. She tried bending up his jaws, pinching him, hitting him, kicking him, lifting him, laying him down, bending his tail, you name it. She even poked his eyes! But he wouldn’t let go! As a matter of fact, inflicting pain on a dog in that state only adds adrenaline, which adds to the aggression. Too bad she didn’t know that at the time! She grabbed Lego’s face and stared him in the eyes, trying to get through to him, but he wasn’t there, he couldn’t hear her. Eventually, I passed out, probably from the pain. Lego dragged me up and down the asphalt, and suddenly he clicked back! He threw himself to the side and rolled over on his back, shivering with fear, scared that mom was going to punish him (probably with death, as another dog would have done in this situation). All of a sudden he looked so tiny and frail, curled up like a hedgehog. Mom didn’t care, she picked me up and carried me home. I came to and she washed me off in the bathtub. Lego hid and didn’t look at mom for days. Since then he’s never even come close to anything like that… And I sure know not to force it! That’s just one of the clues we have to back up our theory of poor breeding. Sure, this breed is prone to fight other dogs if pushed, but he’s got such a weak and sensitive mind that I don’t even want to think about what he would be like today if he’d been put in the wrong hands!


Today Legolas is the best buddy ever, the greatest brother you could have. His threshold to aggression is higher than the vast majority of dogs I’ve ever seen! He’s a very sensitive and intuitive guy, even the weather affects him. He’s uses the clearest body language I’ve ever seen a dog do, so it’s great to bring him along when analyzing another dog’s behavior. He always chooses avoidance when other dogs act aggressive towards him, and he’s a naturally submissive guy, especially with our parents. He’s extremely obedient, although he hasn’t been trained, and if my folks trust in any of us, it’s him. To think that he’s the same guy that almost killed me! It just goes to show that everybody deserves another chance :).

Lego is especially protective of Yoshi, and it might have something to do with the fact that they came to this family almost simultaneously. So don’t mess with Yoshi! He loves to cuddle with the pugs, but he won’t take any crap from baby brother Alfie! The two of them play together on a daily basis, but Lego always makes sure Alfie doesn’t cross any lines. Daysee loves to tease her bully breed brother and Scooby and Lego show a deep respect for one another. As for Lego and me, we share a special bond. It’s like we can’t live without each other but there’s a constant, very discrete, battle going on between us. I think I’m not ready to let him overcome my position in the pack just yet, although I can feel it coming. It’s barely noticeable to outsiders, but momma says it’s there. Anyway, I’m glad to have him. This little menace has taught our family more about dogs in 2,5 years than some people learn in a lifetime! And it’s not that we’re exceptional learners, we’re just blessed with the best teacher!

What is it Cesar always says?

You don’t always get the dog you want, but you do get the dog you need.



Legolas Wesley Balthazar, he’s our boy.

Balthazar is his pedigree name, Wesley‘s just cool ;).


2 thoughts on “Legolas

    • Legolas is gorgeous, our human loves blue dogs, which is why she has Jasper the Blue Great Dane :p

      Gosh your Swedish Staffy’s look very different to our NZ Satffy’s!

      Sounds like you had a tough time with him, but all your hard work paid off :) Well done!

      Licks and lots of slobber,
      Lexi and Jasper the Danes

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