Evian is momma’s first dog. She waited all her life for him, and hurried to get him as soon as she was allowed to. She had 3 weeks left for her 18th birthday when she flew to Stockholm to get him, and man, was he the birthday gift of her life! Since that day the two of them have been inseparable and it would be a huuuuge understatement to say that she holds him very dearly.

Evian comes from a well-known breeder, established since many, many years. They take their work very seriously, but unfortunately a fancy pedigree didn’t save him from having severe health issues. You name it, Ev had it. Eyes, ears, paws, skin, and not surprisingly, his breathing – he had trouble with it all! It was awful. Then one day something happened; mommy met daddy! For some reason Evian has never had a problem since! On February 1st Evian will be 8 years old, and mom is always bummed out when it’s Ev’s birthday. Instead of celebrating a year well gone, she’s upset that the clock is ticking… One day we hope she’ll be able to see it from the bright side!


Evian is a typical good guy. He couldn’t hurt a fly even if he tried. Many dogs have passed through our doors over the years and Ev has never complained. The only time he actually had a problem was when I came into the picture! It wasn’t that bad (we’re talking about Ev, here) but it was obvious that he was protective of mom because she babied him too much. Let’s just say it was before Cesar Millan… Well, dad was nice enough to point out the issue and the reason behind it, and mom was actually pretty open about it. Said and done, she turned things around and there’s never been a problem since (like he could take me anyway – tsss).

Ev and Addy seem to be attached by the hip, but other than that he also gets along very well with me. Since I’ve grown older we have more things in common, and like everybody else I enjoy the company of somebody solid and reliable. Ev has been the pecking chicken for all of us, having the unbelievable patience to ride it all out. Lego was the worst, he shook Evian up pretty bad when he was only a couple of months old. The thing is he doesn’t even defend himself! Anyway, I’m glad it’s all over. Now that we’re grown it’s actually the other way around; you don’t wanna be the one to mess with our big brother. Not cuz he’ll hurt you, but because WE WILL!

Evian is known for one thing, and one thing only. He’s the Master of Sleep. Yes, sleep. If he’s not eating, which he does twice a day, or relieving himself, also twice a day, he’s – with 110% accuracy – off sleeping somewhere. He doesn’t play, he doesn’t sniff. He doesn’t chew on stuff, and he certainly doesn’t preoccupy himself with anything else that any other dog out there might do. He just…sleeps.

And don’t we just love him for it!

Julio Evian Alexis, awake at last.

Julio, after our late grandfather, and Alexis after, well, guess who! Yeah, mom, of course… Evian simply because mom adores French names!


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