Daysee Mae


Daysee Mae is a bossy diva in a Breton-mix body…

Daysee Mae has the same story as Scooby; she came to us from Spain in October. My folks adopted them on the spot when they realized it was either that or the gas chamber… The thing is their trip to Sweden was postponed for two months because Daysee fractured her femur. See, at the shelter where they stayed while getting ready to travel, the dogs are separated by size for safety reasons. Therefore, Scooby and Daysee were put in different compounds. They both hated it, but it was for their own good! However, Daysee wasn’t having it, so she tried climbing over the wall to the compound where Scooby was kept. That was a huge mistake. It ended up in a very bad fall and after her surgery she had to stay in a crate for 2 months! She wasn’t allowed to move around at all so you can imagine she was bored out of her mind and missed Scooby like crazy! They let him see her from time to time but she got so excited that he couldn’t stay. Both of them stopped eating and lost their lust for life, it must have been hell.


When she arrived here she looked miserable. She was nothing but skin and bones (even more so than today!) but with the energy of a Duracell bunny on speed! She wouldn’t put her leg down at all, either. The day after her arrival she was in a very bad state, shivering like if set on “vibrate” although she was covered in blankets! We worried ourselves sick for her, not knowing how tough this little girl really is. Before we knew it she was up and running (!) on all four’s and has gained at least a pound or two since.


Daysee is a dominant bitch, to put it nicely ;). We love her for it, but it took us some time to get there… She has a way of getting what she wants – not from mom & dad, but with dogs. The only one she respects is Adela, so all the power to her! Scooby will do anything for her, and she’s not afraid to ask! She loves to tease Legolas and she wrestles Yoshi every morning. Evian is pretty much invisible to her, which I think has been his plan all along. You don’t get to be 8 years old without learning a thing or two… Alfie adores Daysee, but it’s only cuz he has the hots for her! If he only knew he’s playing with fire… I have no problem telling Daysee off when she gets too rowdy, so being a bulldog actually comes in handy sometimes! I’ll pretend to bite her and that’s usually enough to calm her down. It doesn’t have to be so hard :). The two main things she’s had to learn is to stop jumping up on everybody and walking properly on the leash. She’s actually doing pretty good! As long as her energy is drained on a daily basis, she’s like any other lap dog. Well, almost, anyway :).

As cuddly and affectionate as anyone can be, she’ll win you over soon enough, I promise!

Scrappy Cerise Giselle Daysee Mae, nothing short of a princess :).

When mom and dad first met Scooby and Daysee they were desperate to give them names so they’d have something to call them, more importantly while they were talking about them than to them. They immediately thought of Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo, so that’s how she got her first name! Later on mom decided she wanted her to have a nicer, more feminine name, hence the other three…






2 thoughts on “Daysee Mae

  1. Ooo she sounds like a fire cracker! Lexi is also *tries* to be a dominant bitch, our humans say *tries* because they would more class it as bullying – the kid a school who picks on the small weak kid because they have insecurities of their own…that sums Lexi up perfectly!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

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