Adela is a one-of-a-kind girl. Momma got her when she was 2,5 years old (she’ll be 6 this year), and it was a vet that tipped her about Addy’s existence. The vet thought momma had many dogs already (she had 3 at the time), so why not one more? There’s this cute little black pug I think you should meet…

Addy came to Sweden from Hungary while expecting puppies. She was way too young to become a mother and one of her ears was inexplicably missing, which is only part of what led mom to believe that she comes from a puppy mill. There was no paperwork to her name, except for a passport. Addy was purchased by a Swedish lady for lots of money. The lady had no human family, but all the more dogs. Unfortunately the lady had a stroke and when she had to be hospitalized her dogs were forgotten. They were left behind for weeks, until a neighbor remembered to check on them. You can only imagine what it looked like when she got there… Well, the neighbor took in Addy and her newborn puppies, but when the puppies were old enough to sell, the woman wanted nothing to do with Addy. That’s when Marina, a friend of that woman, took Addy in. She had no intention on keeping her, but she wanted to rehabilitate her so she could be adopted. She’d had Addy for 6 months when momma got the news. Addy was going to be put down because Marina couldn’t “fix” her, she was too psychologically damaged. Hell no, momma thought, and called Marina right away.

The deal was that mom would “try her out” for a week and if things went well, she could adopt her. Well, even before Marina left mom’s apartment, Addy had peed, like, 5 times already! She ran around in circles and was extremely stressed out. To be perfectly honest, momma had her doubts. Back then she didn’t know much about dog psychology and Addy really scared her! But, true to their deal, she got to stick around. A day into the program, mom was sold, Addy was her baby.

The first 3 months she never wore a leash. She didn’t have to, she was like glued to mom! She could be left at home alone but it was impossible to shut her in another room while mom was still at home. If she did, Adela would run back and forth as she peed and pooped and walked around in the mess for hours. When mom and dad were on their honeymoon, Adela had been doing that for 3 weeks! She would freak out whenever the doorbell rang, and don’t even get me started on mealtime… She’d run around in circles and make the most annoying sounds! She couldn’t be petted or touched at all either, cuz she’d get so excited she almost passed out.


Today it’s hard to believe that Adela was ever that way. She still doesn’t need to wear a leash but it’s not cuz she won’t let go of mom, it’s because she can be trusted. She can be left in a room although mom is home, and she won’t make a fuss. Sometimes she doesn’t even react to the doorbell, but when she does it’s easily correctable. When it’s time to eat she’s sent to sit in a special place and she can’t get up until her food is served. She’s a totally different dog! When it comes to petting her, you might wanna wait until she’s very tired or sleeping. A stroke here and there is fine, but she can still get too excited by touch, so it’s best to leave it alone. Mom is looking into acupuncture and massaging, two things that may very well help her out. Either way, we welcome all the progress she’s already made :).

Momma always says that Adela is the cutest dog in he whole wide world, and I don’t blame her. One word of caution, though, cuz she’s not always as sweet as she looks! With my folks she’s an angel, and she could care less about other dogs. But pick a fight with this little lady and you’ll be begging for trouble! No matter the size or how intimidating, Addy will stand up for herself. Like we always say; she never picks a fight but she’ll definitely finish it!

Her best friend is Evian, with them you hardly ever see one without the other. I think she takes comfort in him since he’s safe and secure, a balanced buddy to lean on when the going gets tough. He never encourages her to follow him, he simply doesn’t mind that she’s there. Yoshi tends to take after Adela, they are very alike at heart. Both strong and independent, they seem like the perfect match. But as long as Addy has Ev, she feels like she doesn’t need Yoshi. At times he tries to wind her up, instigating play, but she’s only annoyed by him… Sorry, dude! Alfie loves to get on Addy’s nerves, and when he does, you better get the popcorn cuz it’s quite the show! Still, there’s a lot of love between them, and deep down I thinks she appreciates his attention…

My big sister is a true survivor whom we all can learn a thing or two from.

Adela, you’re the best!

Adela Evelyn Christelle Micheline is her name.

Adela after grandma’s angel of an aunt, rest her soul.


2 thoughts on “Adela

  1. Ohh, my princess! My eyes tear up even thinking about her.

    Here’s the strande thing: I haven’t even notice that she is an ear short. Couldn’t really understand the comments about one ear here and there. Until now when I read this. Honest to God – haven’t seen it. Isn’t love mysterious – blind, but oh so wonderful.

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