Bob / the author

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my diary. My name is Bob and I’m almost 7 years old. I live in a house in Sweden with my mom, dad and 8 doggie siblings. I also enjoy a good scratch on the belly and basking in the sun, and I reeeaaally love all kinds of fruit!


My dad went ahead and brought me home at the age of 1 year and 9 months. He found me in an ad and thought I was just what he was looking for. Well, turns out I wasn’t at first. I peed all over the place and was humping legs both left and right. Thank goodness he was smart enough to keep me, cuz once he got me straightened out (starting with neutering me) he realized I’m the love of his life! (That’s right mom, the love of his life). Anyway, today I’m a pretty nice guy, I just don’t let anyone notice ;).


While our family seems to be ever-growing, it’s really not ment that way, it sorta just happens :). My folks are hardcore dog lovers, and they do their best to make at least a tiny bit of difference for dogs who need it. We foster dogs from Spain on a regular basis, rehabilitating and finding them good homes of their own. We live by the philosophy of Cesar Millan, and we truly have him to thank for being balanced – so thank you, Cesar!


I got this idea that I should get a blog and write about my life cuz I’m a pretty cool dude, so who wouldn’t wanna know what I’m up to? Besides telling you about the crazy adventures of our pack, I share my deepest, darkest thoughts on everything from why my face smells funny to why I don’t like people calling me ugly (obviously cuz I’m not). Add a bunch of carefully taken photos and you’ve got the blog of your life! (Hey, who says I can’t aim for the moon, right?).

I hope you’ll love reading this as much as I love writing it. That way we’re all happy :)!

Without further ado, I give you the confessions of Bob the blogging bulldog…



5 thoughts on “Bob / the author

  1. OOOOH what a great blog!! It´s gonna take me some time to get through all the pictures and comments, but looove it!! Yoshi´s mom Hjördis and sister Maggie want to give a shout out to this cute guy! Looking forward to more comments and pictures! I´ll be back! Kamilla and the four Japanese Chins Hjördis, Nancy, Wille and Maggie

  2. I’ve been reading this blog for 6 months (my mom’s been reading it for approx a year)and I just love it so now I’m really interested to start a blog myself. The wonderful thing is that I know all this guys. HI BOB! It’s Charlie Brown, see you soon. Ravenna says hello…..well maybe more like holá, but anyway. Bye bye.

  3. Hey Bob,

    I absolutely love your cute writings everywhere! :-) Had you not told us, I would’ve thought that you are in the US ’cause you speak like an American.

    Haven’t finished reading all your stories. But I have concluded that you are one cool dude! Glad to have found you, thanks to your mom.

    Happy writing, mate!


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