Good guy gone bad

Evian is usually not the trouble maker of this family. In fact, I did my best to come up with something naughty that he’s done, but as I suspected there’s nothing… He’s as clean as they come. At least he was. Because you know, even the sun has its spots. And even the fawn pug has his moments…

While on our morning walk in the forest yesterday, Evian disappeared. This happens from time to time, cuz Ev will go and smell something and then get lost because he hardly has a sense of smell (!), his hearing or eye sight left. Dad got a little worried, so he started calling him. If you’re lucky he might just pick up a fraction of it, but this time there was nothing. After a few minutes dad went looking for him. Out of everything we would’ve guessed, this never even entered our minds… Dad returned with Evian behind him, and what do you know, he was covered in SHIT!!

Now, I’ve seen a lot in my day, but this was bad. He was brown all over, and the smell… Don’t even get me started on the smell!! It wasn’t from a dog, cat, or any wild animal, that’s for sure! Then dad remembered that when he was walking us the day before, he’d seen a young man and a girl walking around in the forest. They didn’t have a dog, so dad thought it was weird that they were out there when it was getting dark. The guy was dressed in a long coat, and when they saw dad they went out of their way to avoid him. It had “fishy” written all over it, but it wasn’t until Evian turned up from where dad had seen this couple, that we started wondering if maybe…. I mean, they could have been drunk or something, and it wouldn’t have been the first time someone went number 2 in the forest!

Now we were even MORE disgusted and hurried home to get him washed up. Two baths later he was getting better, but it wasn’t ’til today that the smell started to go away… Mom says kissing him will have to wait another few years or so…

Good guy gone bad…

Can you imagine the smell?! Let me assure you, you can’t…


2 baths later it was all better :)

5 thoughts on “Good guy gone bad

  1. He’s not only a dog…he was a disgusting dog. That’s what’s it! Although, if I’m not mistakin’ you’re one of those shit-eating dudes, too, am I right? Or was it shit-rolling?

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