Tram ride!

For his last walk of the day, Alfie got to go with mom to Slottsskogen. Grandma, Atlas and Ricki went along, too. You know what they say about more being merrier! Anyhoo, they took the tram there. Alfie hasn’t gone on the tram in ages! He was amazed by the motion but sat nicely, looking out of the windows. He went bananas over the first dog they met in the park, though. In his case that means he gets up on two legs and starts panting. He doesn’t bark and he no longer tries to pull mom along with him, he’s more like an untamed horse. He did that once and then he was done with it. After he was told where the line goes he didn’t go for it again. They passed plenty of dogs and all three of them (Alfie, Atlas & Ricki) did really well.

When they got home mom was pretty beat (it was the same day she’d been away with Scooby & Daysee). She still had one more walk to do, though, but luckily it was my turn (and Evian, Adela, Scooby and Daysee, but who’s counting?). I’m not much of a hassle, I tend to go easy on her these days. You gotta be nice to your mommy sometimes, right?

Taking the tram – yay! (Hey, check out Hannibal Lecter in the back, hehe ;))

Let’s see… Open sesame!

Ha! It worked!

Look, we’re moving! How amazing!

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