5-day vacation

We’re smack in the middle of enjoying our 5 days at the house. So far that’s meant napping outside in the sun, playing outside in the snow, sleeping all morning, eating delicious food, and watching a truck load of movies. Ain’t that the life?

Big brother Alfie keeps an eye on things.

Ricki’s up to something…

Alfie checks out the new neighbors.

At least those legs come in handy for something!

What matters in this picture is the background.

Atlas is a very pretty dog.

Did I do something?

Where did all the grass go?

Atlas feels right at home. We consider him and Ricki part of the pack.

Scooby shines like a star.

Aren’t they cute together?

Group photos are never easy…

Thaaaat’s better :).

As you can see, Atlas and Ricki are with us. They really love being here but right now Atlas has a beef with mom. She cut his hair and apparently it’s a little short on his bum. What a problem to have… Ricki’s the usual clown, and he managed to get Lego on the same train. I’ll show you a video later.

Addy turned 6 2 days ago, but she’s not much of a party girl so we missed out on yet another crazy birthday bash. To tell you the truth, that’s fine with me. I’m still hung over from Charlie’s anniversary! Instead we made sure to give her some extra attention and lots and lots of kisses. Well, at least mom and dad did. And momma painted her, too! Congrats, big sis! Love ya lots!

That’s my momma! In action!

All done!

Daddy and Lego pass the time cuddling.

Pop gets a kiss. A good one.

How come it’s never my turn to have my portrait painted? I’m so disappointed!

Mafah’s just bored.

Yoshi found a nice place to rest.

And so did Alfie.

Oh, and hey! Mafaldah had a birthday, too! Sure, she turned 1 on April 1st! Instead of a party she had some stitches on her tail, as you know, but that’s old news already. Yep, she decided she was better off without it and ripped them all out… She’s a true rocker chick, my youngest baby sister. Traditional stuff is not her cup of tea. The vet says it’s fine, though. It won’t look as pretty, but c’mon, let’s be blunt here. Mafaldah’s no runway model, with or without the tip of her tail. But she could very well be Slash’s evil twin for all we know, and that’s good enough for her. Happy birthday, Mafah! Love ya to pieces!

Let’s face it. She ain’t no runway model…

More like Slash’s evil twin.

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