Never a dull moment

Mafaldah had a minor accident. Her tail was hit by the elevator door and a tiny piece of it fell off! And I’m thinking; When is that girl gonna learn? You walk through a door, not stop and wait for it to hit you! Anyway, a couple of stitches later she was fine and now she’s waiting for her daddy to come home and comfort her…the poor zap. Get better, little sister!

Alfie almost lost his nads this week. You know, nads? He was scheduled to be neutered on Wednesday but my folks had a last-minute change of heart. I know, weird, right? My folks are usually all about spaying/neutering, but Alfie’s been a tough nut to crack (some pun intended). They say he’ll lose them eventually, but apparently he’s not (and they’re not) ready just yet. The dude is extremely dominant, but they’re actually not looking to erase that. Alfie can handle his power, and so can mom and dad. Is it a struggle? Are you kidding? More like war sometimes. It would probably scare most people into having him neutered STAT, I mean, my folks almost were! But there are other things to consider here, like bringing him back to balance first, and trying out another solution: Giving him access to drain his energy in a (to him) more natural way, and redirecting his urge to mate into something else, using what I just said, along with some good ol’ leadership and discipline. We’ll see how that works out. If they’re kidding themselves he will end up like the rest of us, but let’s not place our bets just yet… Mom and dad are good at what they do! Is it fair to Alfie? Well, I know what’s not fair. Giving him a chance. If my folks were inexperienced and lacked what it takes to make Alfie truly happy while staying intact, then yes, it would be safer for everyone to have him neutered now. But if anyone can succeed in making that happen for him I believe it’s them. Like I said, sooner or later he’ll be neutered anyway, if not for anything else, then for health reasons. Maybe you wonder why they want to try this? Well, they love, admire and appreciate the natural dominance and unique mental presence of the Sarplaninac. It’s difficult to master, especially during the adolescent stage of their lives, but it’s a total pleasure when it’s accomplished. Sure, dominance isn’t entirely removed by the procedure alone, but it’s greatly reduced, thus affecting that specific “edge”. Also, their appearance changes drastically. I wish I had a picture to show you but I don’t, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it; it’s bad. Had he been our second Sarplaninac they wouldn’t have cared, but he’s our first, maybe even last (they’re so hard to come by), so they’d like to see him in his prime before it fades… Therefore, Alfie, you’ve made it for now. Want my advice? Stay on their good side.

We won’t be going to the house tomorrow. I think my folks have business to take care of in the city. It’ll be the third weekend in almost a year that we’ve stayed home, and it feels pretty weird. Next week it’s Easter, though, so we’re spending 5 days over there – woohoo! In a couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some big news, I can hardly wait! I’m biting my tongue to keep me from saying too much, and it’s really hard, you guys! But I promise you, it’ll be good!

I’ll leave you with some pics from last weekend – I miss my house, y’all!

A sign of spring…

Ev looks like a beetle, and not the hairy kind…

Tired? After all, you haven’t slept in, like, 8 minutes.

What’s with the attitude, ya big meanie?


Ricki’s on to something.

Sniff, sniff, sniff…

Scooby gets a smooch.

Yoshi’s basking in the sun.

Mafaldah makes a run for it.

Come to mama!

Daysee makes it to the safe-zone.

Ev takes a closer look.


Unique physique!

The race is on!

She sure can run!

Addy’s dizzy just by watching…

…and I could care less.

No, that’s not a deflated mattress, it’s Scooby!

Napping is a way of life.

Ask my kitchen sofa.

MY kitchen sofa.



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