Zoe’s adopted!

By US!!! Yep, that’s right. Little Ms Baguette is staying right here with us. How come? Well, for starters daddy won’t allow her to move. He’s head over heels in love, and honestly, who can blame him? Secondly, she’s got special needs and we’re not so sure people would be fighting to get their hands on her anyway. Not that they have to anymore! Aaahh, we’re so thrilled! She’s the perfect addition to our pack, meaning she can definitely handle the action! Oh, and we’ve changed her name. She’s now called Mafaldah! She’ll get her own page soon enough and then you’ll be able to read all about her, her name(s) and the reasons for them.

Also, I’ve got another reason to celebrate. This is post number 200! Cool, huh?! What better thing to write about than our new baby sister? This is great, so great.

Welcome, Mafaldah. We love you already :).

Would it hurt you to smile?

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