Hey, look what I found!

Now that we’re alone with mom it just couldn’t be more appropriate that I found some old photos from when we were alone with dad, while mom was in Spain! Check us out!

Hey, guys? How ’bout slowing down a little?

Can I, daddy, can I? Pleeeaaase?

Dang, I tink my tongue fdoze!

Eeek! It’s freeeezing!

I miss my mommy!

Boys will be boys…

What’s that supposed to mean?

This is me challenging dad. It’s my “I-dare-you-to-dare-me-face”. Think he accepted it? Sure did! Think I won? Hell no! But it won’t stop me from trying!

Scooby’s ready to play.

The more the merrier!

Watch out, Daysee, you’re about to get hit, BIGTIME!

You hit me, I hit you! Take that! How do you like it now, Bigshot?

Scooby hasn’t got the hang of the challenge-look yet…

The excitement is rising… Who takes the prize?


My darling brother, who do you think you’re kidding?

With a mug like that, who could find you scary?



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