My weekend in pictures

Dad was off work on Friday so we went up to the house a day earlier than usual. The weather was nice; the sun was shining and it was actually warm outside! Again, kinda scary for January in Sweden, but luckily no less comfortable! As I get closer and closer to my old age I feel more and more at ease with taking it slow. I’m no longer up for those 1,5 hour walks – hey, I barely make it half that long – and I can honestly say I enjoy sleeping a whole lot more. But, if the weather permits, I can easily stay out a little bit longer if I get to sit in the sun, which is my favorite spot, wherever it may be. So this weekend was a hit for me. Although we had a tiny bit of “snow” on Sunday, the sun was still out, heating me up with its radiant rays…it was just that poetic.

This is what we call my “fruit face”, simply cuz I look like a fruit while doing it. (I know it’s very clear already, but in case someone out there isn’t able to visualize it, by “fruit” I mean something like a pineapple). I make this face when I’m comfy.

Alfie plays hide-and-seek with Lego.


…10! Here I come!!! 

Our one-eared girl.

1, 2, 3.

Playing like crazies, those youngsters.


 Then mom decided to paint. She’s been nagging holes in our heads about painting, saying she’d love to do it but has no experience or knowledge so she’d feel stupid to. Well, she finally accepted the stupid-part and picked up one of those cheap brushes she bargained on a sale and went on with it. As she lacks any kind of creativity (I mean, she’s just a hairdresser, for God’s sake) she decided to paint a dog, and since she apparently also lacks style, she painted Alfie (cuz anyone could tell her I’d obviously be a better choice). 2 hours it took her, but in the end she was happy she had finished her very first painting! I made her promise to paint me too, and I told her I won’t get upset if it’s not perfect. After all, it must be really hard to capture all that beauty, right?

Alfie in acrylic.

Yeah, yeah, it’s nice. But 2 hours already!

Ev was bored.

But I assure you, I was bored-er. (This is what we call me being “demented”, by the way. It’s when I drift off into my own little world, still standing up. Just saying.)


At the house, every night is movie night, and this weekend was no different. Except for tons of Soprano’s episodes (it’s so good) we also watched Red Riding Hood… Such a sleeping pill, you guys. Like, don’t even bother. Please.

Here’s what I thought of the movie…

The Red Riding Hood effect.


We got back to the apartment last night, so today it was back to reality. And believe me, we wasted no time! While everybody in the pack but myself (well, I told you I’m not up for it!) went for a regular 40 minute walk, I stayed put in bed, waiting for the best to come. Then Lego, Scooby, Daysee and I were treated to some forest-fun! I really like that cuz I can move in my own pace and stop and smell the flowers… The others did no such thing, they were too busy chasing each other and looking for hares. These kids today…


I tried secretly scratching the ground after a good pee, although I know I’m not allowed to… Momma says it’s a dominant behavior to spread your scents all over the place, but you gotta love a dude for tryin’!

But then who has the audacity to urinate aaaall over my work well done, but my brother, the blue menace…

Damn you and that powerful squirt of yours!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the infamous look of a begging dog…or two.

And there it is, the look of hope. How cute.

Lego and I made up a competition, we call it “Model Search”. Whoever looks the best in a photo wins.

Strike a pose!

Wait, we’re not ready yet! 

And the winner is…..


…!!! Wh..?!? Who?! Daysee?! Nuh-uh! That’s not fair!

Well, I never! 

I was still upset about how Model Search turned out when I stumbled across these delicious little treats, just hanging from the trees looking all tempting. Unfortunately it was a no-go. All I had to do was look at mom to realize it wasn’t gonna work out the way I hoped for… Mom said it’s just like me to try to steal food from hungry little birds when I get properly fed twice a day myself. Well, since you put it that way… Stupid birds.

2 thoughts on “My weekend in pictures

  1. Firstly we must say your mums painting is amazing, we can’t believe it’s her first one!! Our human really admires people who can paint pictures…you see, she can draw with a pencil very well, but whenever she attempts to paint what she draws she ruins it!! Paws up to your mum, for such a great job!

    Secondly you guys look like you had a great weekend, filled with a variety of different things, lounging around in the sun and running in the forest are one of our favourite past times too!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  2. Momma says thank you! You should see her now, acting all cocky and proud because someone liked her painting… Before you know it she’ll make a hobby out of it! You guys should keep an eye on Laura, too. Next thing you know they’re drawing/painting instead of hanging out with us!

    Yeah, we did have a great weekend. I usually like everything we do as a pack but forest-fun and basking in the sunlight are definitely my favorites! Too bad we can’t do it with you guys!



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