Daddy’s all grown up. I think.

We celebrated daddy’s birthday on Thursday. He’s an old man now, like, 210 years old! You know, in dog years, but still. My gift to him was one of true, deep love… I was nice, like, aaaaaaaaall day long! Well, at least until I saw that there was cake and I wasn’t given some. That’s just plain evil. Grandma and Atlas were there to witness this abomination, but for some reason they weren’t as outraged as myself. Where’s the sympathy, people?!

Anyways, hope you had a nice b-day, pop. We love you to death! (But don’t think I won’t remember that whole cake-incident when it’s time for MY next birthday…).

No, I will not turn around. I can’t even look at you people. Unless you give me some cake anyway.

Yeah, sure. Give him some, why don’t you.


Cake? Where?

Yoshi could care less.

I hope you’re not just using me to get a cute picture. I better be rewarded for this later…


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