Meet the new gang!

I just want to start by saying that if you want to know more about yesterday, check out mom’s blog,

So… The dogs are here! And they’re great! It’s really cool to get to know them, they’re so different, yet so awesome in their own way. There’s my new li’l bro, Scooby. He’s a great guy. Right now Lego is kinda getting in the way of us really hitting it off, it seems like he wants him all to himself (stupid meany!), but I’ll get there. Scooby is a calm guy, but I’ve seen him play like a mad dog, too! He’s quite hesitant with strangers at first, but once he sees the rest of us go forward, so does he. He’s hooked on dad (and vice versa), and you can tell he remembers him from Spain. I heard he’s terrible on the leash, so I guess he’ll be needing some help with that… He’s an extremely picky eater, but we don’t get special treatment here. So a word of advice is; start eating bro, cuz the menu won’t change!

Then there’s little Daysee Mae. Mom just couldn’t let her have a name like Scrappy, she’s too cute for that! And she’s a wild one, too! After a few hours I started wondering if there’s an off-switch on her somewhere… Especially all those times she woke up in the middle of the night – to play!! Her happy, wagging tail hit the wall 1000 times and woke us all up, time and time again. Jeez… She’s very fond of everybody and takes every chance she gets to curl up next to whoever happens to be close to her. And she jumps! Man, does she ever. Her and Scooby both! That was the first thing mom said had to go, and she meant it too! Scooby gets the message pretty fast, but Daysee’s not like that. She needs to be told over and over and over…exhausting! She’s just as bad as Scooby on the leash, but at least she’s not as strong. She’s nothing but skin and bones! I couldn’t even tell you how bad she needs to gain weight! Being apart from Scooby all those months resulted in her rejecting food, but now her appetite is back on track (thank God). There are no muscles to speak of in her injured hind leg, so sometimes she limps. It’s healed but I bet it will take a while to get it back in shape. In other words, no long walks for her!

Laika is our foster-sister. She’s the best. She was supposed to be shy and all, but she’s the total opposite! She’s a jumper too, but not for long if mom can help it! She loves to cuddle and stay close, and she runs and plays around with all of us. We had our neighbors over for a few minutes (my folks needed help with something) and Laika was all over them in an instant! Her coat is so soft and silky, we just can’t keep off her! She’s also the only one able to get Alfie to back off. He senses that she’s serious and respects her for it. To sum it up I’d say that whoever gets to keep this girl is one lucky son of a gun!

Gigi is the dog I last told you about, another girl who’d live with us until she found a good forever home. It turns out though, that Gigi will be better off staying with Suzanne. Not because of us, but because it’s obvious that she needs to be in a calmer environment than the one we offer. Well, I don’t know about calmer, but with so many dogs she just gives up and stays away. If it doesn’t come easy she won’t bother. Since yesterday we haven’t spent much time together. Except for when we sleep at night or eat, she’s in another room minding her own business. By her own choice of course, but it doesn’t feel right. She should be somewhere where she gets more individual attention, therefore she’s moving in with Suzanne tomorrow. Gigi is a sweet, sweet girl. If you don’t pay attention you won’t even notice she’s there. If I had my way she’d open up more and help herself to the pleasures of life, but I guess it’s a process she’ll be needing some help with. She definitely deserves the best. We’re lucky to be living so close to Suzanne so we’ll still see her all the time, at least until she finds that perfect owner.

What you guys didn’t know about – or should I say who – is Newton. The funny thing is he was meant to stay with Suzanne, but as with Gigi, there was a change of plans. Newton was the shy one, the insecure and timid little fella, whose only sure thing in life seemed to be Laika. Actually, he’s a bit too fond of her (he was neutered not too long ago), but hopefully that will change… Anyway, the best thing for him would be to stay with her, in other words – stay with us! And wouldn’t you know, a day has gone by and he’s a totally different guy! He’s playful, very curious, and oh, so charming! He was all over our neighbors too, something we didn’t think he’d do in at least a few days! Now he’s sleeping next to us, and we even caught him sleeping on the coffee table! He’s so adorable I bet he’ll find a home in no time. And coming from me, that says a lot!

So now you know the new gang, all of them. Tomorrow we’re going back to town and it will be very interesting to see how they’ll react to that. Not to mention how mom will hold up walking these leash amateurs! Just kidding, I have faith in her. If they could fix me up..!!

Waiting by the window for a glimpse of the Spaniards.

Laika in bed.

Kickin’ it.


First off, Gigi & Daysee Mae. Next, Lotus Scooby Doo.

What better way to bond than to eat grass together?

Mmm, tasty, dontcha think?

Gigi takes a stroll. Notice the hairless spot on the side of her back? She scratched herself bald after a nasty tick. It’ll grow back, though.

Nap-time for Newton (we call him Nicki).

Two furballs – literally!

Oh, and here’s me.


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