Without further ado, here’s our much longed for birthday bash in pictures (and some words)… Enjoy!

Suzanne’s all over the party preparations.

The birthday cakes, consisting of bread, liver paté, letter crackers and, well…cat food. Why? Dunno, it was mom’s idea.

A little big for Yoshi, dontcha think? Lucky I was there to help him :).

The party invitation, along with Alfie’s cake.

Charlie’s party invitation. It says to bring a good spirit (and why not a gift?).

Charlie, what are you wearing?!

Well, don’t you look handsome!

I don’t get it, what’s so funny, Suzanne??


Yeah, you take THAT! Lousy party hat…


A lion for our little lionet…


Ev is totally feeling his hat.

Hey, it’s my birthday, too! says Yoshi.

Maybe if I close my eyes, I’ll wake up and this will aaaall be a dream… *hoping*

Aw, man!

Balloons, balloons! Everywhere you look there are balloons!

Pass me one, dad!

I got it, I got it!!!

Happy birthday to you…

Hold your horses there, buddy!

I. Want. That. Cake.

One for the album!

Lego checks out his cake…

…and all of a sudden, very appropriately, here I come!

Mmmm! I want me some of that cake!


What, I’m hungry!

Yoshi blows the candles.

Piece of cake… For some reason mom, dad AND Suzanne didn’t want any. How weird is that?!

Ah, cake at last…

Ev & Addy go crazy over their share.

Charlie chows it down.

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