Just thinking

Tomorrow will be our last whole day here in the house since we’re going back on Saturday, and already I’m starting to miss it! My folks are going to Spain on Monday, which means we’re staying with GunBritt for 2 weeks. Alfie’s staying with Suzanne, and Addy actually has a new sitter. It’s Monica, mom’s client and our neighbor. It’s all good, I guess, but there’s no place like home. And I know my folks will miss us just as much.

We were thinking of going swimming but it looks like the weather’s not holding up for that kind of activity today. The Medieval Week is still going strong here in the village so I think we’ll stop by again later. Mom fell in love with a piece of jewellery in one of the stands over there, and you know how that goes…

Oh, and we just got 2 new beds – a single and a double – so now we’re finally properly equipped for guests sleeping over. The beds came from Carina and her second-hand shop, one that mom is crazy about! Even Carina laughs when mom shows up, and that’s not just because she knows she’s gonna get rid of a bunch of stuff and earn a few extra bucks, no one understands how mom can fill up several shopping baskets in under 5 minutes and still come back for more the next day! Women!

Mom is usually the one behind the camera but even dad has his moments. If there’s not a plan of what to do at the moment, the camera’s always there to help. Watch:

Look, Lego’s ears suddenly disappeared!

Yoshi in his favorite spot.

Nothing gets past the Big Guy.

But I don’t wanna smile!

I’ll smile for you, dad!

What’s wrong with my wrinkles?

Yoshi’s kinda like half dog half cat.

Big head!

Lego, the chameleon.

All warm and fuzzy!



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