Dogsitting the dogsitter’s

Mom had agreed to take care of Harmony, GunBritt’s dog boarding facility, all Monday. GunBritt had to go to England to pick up her new rottweiler puppy, Magic Touch. Dad dropped us off the night before, on Sunday, and left with Alfie and Adela. As you already know, they can’t cope with the dog kennel environment, so they’re better off somewhere else (with Suzanne and grandma, that is). GunBritt left as early as 4 am, and from then on, mom was alone with 14 dogs! GunBritt had 5 of her own, and then there was the 4 of us, and 6 guests. One of them, Tarek, was picked up by his dad, and then came Wixy and Doris. Simba had been there the longest (and was getting pretty tired of it, if you ask me) and Molle and Nemo were being picked up the next day. Nero, Hera, Star, Tindra and Strega are GunBritt’s dogs. Strega is Tindra’s daughter, they’re both very gentle but oh, so goofy! The other 3 are rottweilers, tough on the outside but sweet on the inside. Except for Nero, he’s sweet all the way through! Hera and Star first thought they could push mom around, and tried to a couple of times. It’s easy to end up there when you come as a new person into a household to run it, especially with such strong personalities in it. I think mom had to think things over a couple of times before she came up with something that worked for her. At first she just tried to act like GunBritt, but of course the dogs are no fools. After a while she just went with Cesar; no touch, no talk, no eye contact, and it worked like a charm!

Dad got off work early, so he drove all the way to GunBritt’s to give mom a hand. He was longed for, both by mom and by us! It gets a little bit lonely up there sometimes, so company is always a welcome feature. When GunBritt got back late that night, she proudly showed off little Magic. And what a cutie she is! Everyone agreed that it had been a successful day and that there will be more of them in the near future. I mean, GunBritt has to get out sometimes and my folks got a pretty good deal of their own!

Star and Hera.


Nero and Hera.



Sugar pie (Nero)!

Ev looks for his soulmate, Adela…

Lego, the Lookout.

That’s me.

Here comes Molle and Nemo.

Molle and his toy.

A real gem!


So cute!

Here I come!

Brothers from another mother.

We know the drill.


Tarek speaks French.


Little Magic Touch!

There’s nothing like the smell of a puppy…

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