The weather is awful so it’s nice to have a warm bed to come home to after a cold and windy walk. Today is going to be a pretty relaxed one, with no house demonstrations to go to, and with mom being off work and all. Her friend Therese might stop by later, if not we’re gonna spend hours in front of the TV, just bundling up together on the couch. Dad is on his training right now, releasing some tension on a punching bag. He’s a very active person and likes to move around a lot. During days like these, I prefer to stay inside and bury myself under a cozy blanket… I wonder what happened to the weather. Last weekend gave the feeling of spring and I honestly believed it was here. Man, was I wrong! It looks like it might be delayed for who knows how long. Although I do take comfort in the fact that I have a nice home to be in with a family who love and take care of me. That’s more than can be said of billions of animals out there. I believe you need to be grateful for what you have, and even the small stuff matter. That’s what us dogs are teaching my parents. Even though we might not get a house right now, we still have a great life right here. I believe the right opportunity will present itself when the time is right. We might still have to fight for it, you often do for things that matter, but it’ll be worth the wait, time and effort put in to it.

Today I’m feeling a little reflective… Lots of things are going through my mind and I don’t quite know what to make of it. There has been much talk about change in my family lately but now it looks like there might not be any. If so, I’d like us to remember everything that we have, that spring is on its way and it brings hope and revival. Also, it’s important not to abandon our dream. Sometimes you just have to work harder for it than you expected, but that just means it will taste and feel a heck of a lot better once you get there. There’s nothing like getting something you worked really hard for and very much deserved. I believe everything happens for a reason, and sometimes the explanation for it takes a long time to get, but it’ll come.

My mom and dad met online. Their first meeting was very odd because they agreed to meet instantly. The thing is that it was late at night, they were chatting, and suddenly both of them felt the urge to meet. They agreed to meet by the church in our current neighborhood, which is where mom already lived. Think about it, my mom agreed to meet a strange man by herself, very late at night, by a church that not exactly many people pass by that time of day. She brought Ev, Adela, and Stephany (another small dog that mom had back then) with her, but we all know they wouldn’t be of much help if something bad had happened… It was total madness!!! And very much NOT like her at all! My mom is a pretty suspicious person by nature, and won’t let just anybody into her life. She explains this act of downright dangerous foolishness with a “good feeling” about it… Well, I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty vague to me… If she was my daughter I’d be furious (and grandma sure was..)! But, today I must say she made the luckiest move of her life. As soon as they laid eyes on each other they both knew they were “The One”. Since that night they’re inseparable.

One year later they got married, and on their wedding my grandma held a speech about the way they met. She said that she thought my mom was out of her mind to do what she did, but looking back now, she knows it was right to trust that gut feeling of hers. It led her to the love of her life and the beginning of this family. To this day they still talk about the night that they met and how lucky they were. It was definitely meant to be. And that just goes to show that life can take sudden turns, and it’s not always possible to prepare for them. You just need to hang in there.

Oh, well. I’m starting to get a little hungry so I’m gonna try to get my mom to give me a snack or something. Everyone’s asleep now but dad’s on his way home so you better believe that they’re all gonna jump up and run to the door when he gets here… At our house we sure give you a decent welcome :)! If I can bring myself to get up from my wooly bed later, I’ll be back to write some more. See ya!

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