Lots of exercise and fresh air

I’ve been wanting to write for days now but things have been pretty hectic around here so this is my first opportunity in what seems to be a long time… I’ll tell you all about it:

First of all we’re looking to buy a house. Yeah, I know, it’s crazy expensive where we live and we’re not exactly rich (that’s obviously what you need to be) but we found a way to get around that; we move away. Well, we’re trying to stay as close to “our” city as possible but considering the prices, that still leaves us at least 40 minutes by car from here. There is nothing wrong with our apartment, quite the opposite – it’s great. But my folks want to give us a yard, they are sick of some of our neighbors, and they are longing for just a little bit more space and the serenity of a small town/village or the countryside. So on Saturday they went on their first house demonstration in a small village about an hour from us. Alfie went with them as an advisor and when they got there you could tell he loved the yard. It was huge! Unfortunately that was the only good thing about the house… On their way home they stopped by another house in the same area as the last one. It’s for sale but they hadn’t booked a demonstration of it so they just looked at it from the outside. Now, THAT was a good looking house! Don’t get me wrong, we really don’t have the means to be picky, and this house was old too, but very well managed. They’re seeing it on Friday so then we’ll see what they think of the inside.

The Swedish countryside.


When they returned home it was time for our second walk. Alfie was tired from the car ride and Ev and Adela wasn’t ready to go out yet, so Lego, Yoshi and I went for a walk through the valley close by. We had a blast! We ran and played like mad, and Lego flew through the air like a bird! I tried chasing him down, but that little devil is fast! Yoshi doesn’t mind us. He does his own thing and won’t join us unless he really feels like it. He went around smelling stuff instead. It reminded me of the story about Ferdinand The Bull. He sat and smelled the flowers when the other bulls were showing off by fighting all the time. Unexpectedly, Ferdinand turned out to be the toughest… That’s how it is with Yoshi.

Arriving in The Valley.

Fast as lightning!

Assuming position.


Almost finished…

Yoshi takes a seat.

Mr. Fly


                                                        Airborne.                                                     Give us a kiss!


Posing like pro’s.

Me? Not so much…

A nice day for play.

Look, Lego walks calmly! Since my post about him being a hand full on the leash, he has actually improved! He is still a work in progress, as you see his ears are pulled back tight to his head so he’s still a bit tense, but obviously a lot better!

You won’t believe it, but when we got home it was time for the others to come out! That’s what it’s like to have so many dogs in an apartment – lots of exercise and fresh air! Alfie, Ev and Adela went for a shorter walk. They ended up by the church where we live and dad still had some of his famous energy left, so he played with Alfie while mom took pictures of the pugs.

This lovely church also happens to be the place where my parents met for the first time, and also where my dad proposed! (It was outside of the church though, not inside)

Yep, that’s about all we had time for that day, but I’ll tell you what we did on Sunday some other time!

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